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alexander jordan photography


My Video of Womans Hour for Blanc Magazine 

Matthias @ Elite

grooming by Sophie Higginson

Matt Woodhouse @ Supa

Grooming by Sophie Higginson

Wow, I love your work! <3 Twig xx

Thanks very much

Maya @ models 1

Hair Bjorn Krischker @ Frank

Mua Stephanie GM

Styling Holly Ounstead

Lydia Graham @ Models 1

Hair by Bjorn Krischker @ frank

Mua Kristina Vidic @ PhamousArtists

Styling Holly Ounstead


Anja Konstantinova

styled by Holly Ounstead

hair and make up by Stephanie GM

My Neon Story for Shortlist a few weeks back.

Styled by Eilidh Greig

Shot at Gods own Junkyard.

Great photos!!

Asked by marnaf

Thanks very much, nice blog, just followed

Wow are all of these pictures yours??? They're amazing!

Asked by alvzarceana

Yup they are, thanks very much!

My entire Wonderland Resort Story 

Model; Maya @ Models1

Styling; Holly Ounstead

Hair; Bjorn @ Frank agency 

Make up; Stephanie GM